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Scented Mallow Melts - 1lb (16 ounces)


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Each of the above containers holds approximately 6 lbs.  And, containers can be purchased separately. Above images are for showing display only.
Scented ‘Mallow Melts’ are hand-made highly scented candle potpourri melts in a variety of blends and single fragrances.  These are for use in potpourri warmers or simmering pots to release a constant wonderful home fragrance.  Simmering pots or potpourri warmers may be electric or powered by a tea light candle placed in the bottom chamber.
The look and colors are very appealing to delight the senses. And, for that reason can be used for any occasion party favors.  Place a few pieces in a cello bag or tulle netting; tie with a ribbon and voila!
The wax used is Soy blended.

Mallow melts may be purchased by:

Trial Scoop – Try before you purchase large quantity
Bulk Bags of 1 lb, 5 lbs and 10 lbs (Fragrances can be combined for 5 and 10 lb quantity)
Starter Packages
The Starter Package includes 5 lbs of highly scented candle potpourri melts; 10 oil warmers; 1 display jar for an amazing $100.00.
This is an improvement and replaces our original Tart melts.
Item Number: SM1000

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